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Weight Loss and Brown Body Fat. A Relationship

Wikipedia in it’s January 2012 article on line tells about the possible relationship between women’s weight loss and their brown fat content.  Let us explain.

There are two types of fat adipose tissue in a women’s body.  One with white color and one with brown color.  It is believed that the brown color is very prominent in infants and probably has a high amount of iron content in it.  At first researchers thought the brown fat was tied closely to white adipose tissue.  In recent research it is now believed that the brown adipose tissue found in women is more closely tied to the skeletal muscle.  Wow.  That is a true revelation. With new technology it is able to be seen in women in the chest and the neck areas and is seen through this technology even more when cold is introduced.  Therefore we are doing more research to see if a women’s body gets cold and stimulates the “brown” adipose tissue helping with weight loss by burning the “brown” adipose cells and taking calories from normal “white” adipose tissue and burning it.  Again a big WOW.

Women have twice as much “brown” adipose tissue as men.  It is believed that white keeps women’s clothes a little tight and the brown keeps women warm.  So with all that being said, if a women stays a bit cold for about 15 minutes or is cold enough to shiver, it may mean that the “brown” adipose tissue is burning calories.  If a women can turn down the shower water to cool and get a shiver, or step outside every 4 hours or so in the north to get a shiver it should show signs of calorie burn in a week.   Now that is something we are going to continue to watch.Prepare for Flu Season - 468x60 Now don’t go outside and stay cold for long.  Then you need to protect yourself against the flu.  Our recommendation is the natural Purbiotic formula from STOP AGING NOW.

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