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Probiotic for Women: “Don’t Crack Your Mother’s Back”

Green Tea Diet as Seen on TV

Cleanse and Detox then replenish with Probiotics

Well, that was what was said years ago when some of us were young!!  Unfortunately, our Mother’s were not all the Twiggy type and had a lot of weight on them.  Being over a normal weight for the frame of her body did tend to break your Mother’s back.  If you have the tummy bulge and it comes in the door before your back, you probably have major back problems.  Spasms and “have to rest for five minutes” are often heard when the back aches are really troublesome.  Those discs between your spinal areas are not bulging and hurting if you do NOT have the two belly’s.  The U belly–upper belly and the L belly— the lower belly.   Solution is found when one starts to exercise and lose weight.  That is why at Carriage Park Solutions LLC, we are always researching and testing new and innovative ways to promote Women’s Health.  When you take this Green Tea capsule you will begin to feel full within several hours.  It comes with a great dietary plan and one that has worked for a few of our gals here.  We recommend you take the Green Tea with this Probiotic for Women supplement.                  Jillian Michaels Triple Process Total Body Detox & Cleanse + Probiotic Replenishment. You can never go wrong with a Probiotic for Women supplement that keeps your intestines balanced with the right bacteria.  We suggest that all women on diets take Probiotics for Women on a regular basis.


ACAI is also a weight loss supplement that is driven by “Veggie” nutrients.  Again, we suggest that you still Cleanse and Detox with  Jillian Michaels Triple Process Total Body Detox

For those who chose Veggies

& Cleanse + Probiotic Replenishment, to keep your intestines free and clear with the correct balance of bacteria.  “Don’t Break Your Mother’s Back or Your back either.”  Make sure and start today by purchasing these little tricks that can help you lose weight.  It is no fun hurting in the back. It is miserable.  Let us know by writing to us.

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